The Survivor Fatigue Solution: Summer Independent Study Program

A lifestyle framework to take control of your health and find energy and wellness after cancer.


As an exhausted Cancer Survivor recovering from treatment, you've been told: 

Create healthy habits.  

Eat well. 



Not very specific advice, is it? 

But you know detailed, concrete instructions and exact steps are what you really need to gain the confidence you're doing everything you can to feel and stay well after cancer.

What if there was a roadmap for creating vitality after cancer and the right lifestyle choices to keep yourself well?

What if the roadmap helped you...  

  • hack your mindset so healthy change feels natural and easy?
  • feel supported by the right people in your life instead of feeling lonely and misguided?  
  • learn exactly what changes to make in the right order so you get the most out of your time and budget?  
  • avoid feeling completely overwhelmed and defeated by fatigue, brain fog, and anxiety?
  • feel better right away AND keep you well over the long term?
  • gave you back a feeling of control over your life?

If leaving fatigue, overwhelm, and doubt behind and embarking on a straight path to vitality, wellness, and calm after cancer is what you want, ALLOW ME TO INTRODUCE...

The Survivor Fatigue Solution: Summer Independent Study Program

A self-paced online wellness course for cancer survivors providing a complete healthy lifestyle framework to take control of your health and confidently find vitality, calm and well being after cancer.



Susan Ferrara, MSN, FNP-C

Founder of Brio Survivor Wellness and Creator of The Survivor Fatigue Solution

I’ve taken my 17 years of nursing experience helping hundreds of cancer survivors and combing the medical research and channeled it into a comprehensive, step-by-step program and support community to guide cancer survivors through exactly what you need to find vitality and the confidence to stay healthy - all in a no-fluff, convenient online program.  

The program is a step-by-step wellness framework designed specifically for cancer survivors with fatigue who want to know exactly what to do to feel better and stay well after cancer. You get the HOW - not just the what and why - to ensure you take the simple but critical steps to lead you straight to vitality and calm after cancer.  

Sure, you’ll learn the strategies behind everything you do, but more importantly, you’ll have a meticulous lifestyle framework that leaves nothing out and takes nothing for granted as you implement it. And you’ll be bolstered by a private, wellness-focused community (not a depressing cancer forum!) to make sure you get to the finish line.  

The end result:  

Not a new normal, but instead - a new extraordinary after cancer, because you’ll have the strategies, mindset, and support you need to achieve and maintain absolute vitality, calm, good health, and well being after cancer AND the reassurance you’re doing everything science says you should to keep the cancer from coming back.

How does it work?

The Survivor Fatigue Solution Summer Independent Study Program gives you vitality and lasting wellness by taking proven medical research and turning into 3 distinct phases: Community, Mindset, and Practice.

Phase 1: Community

Phase I guides you through intentionally establishing a rock solid support system - an essential ingredient to success on your vitality journey. You'll learn exactly who in your life can act as your "lifestyle support dream team." You'll also introduce yourself in the program's online members only community!

Phase 2: Mindset

You’ll prime your mindset for lasting change in Phase 2. Understanding your beliefs and how they can derail your efforts is essential to moving toward vitality and calm after cancer. No more feeling stuck about making healthy change and not understanding why. Mastering your mindset will propel you to a level of vitality you never thought possible.

Phase 3: Practice

When you reach Phase 3, you’ll be ready to take action and create a flexible wellness routine with mindfulness, movement, and nourishment. You’ll know exactly what to do to achieve and command an extraordinary lifestyle. This isn't an arbitrary set of rules to comply with. Instead, you’ll practice and master real life routines that result in vitality, calm, and control over your life and health.

What if I change my mind?

Enrollment in The Survivor Fatigue Solution Summer Independent Study Program is completly risk free. 

At enrollment, you'll recieve a 7 Day Free Trial! 

A full week gives you plenty of time to know if finding vitality and calm in a well-researched framework is something you really desire.

If you can find results even close to this elsewhere, just cancel inside your account within the first 7 days after enrolling and pay nothing. 

No questions asked.

What's included in the program?

The Survivor Fatigue Solution Summer Independent Study Program includes:

  • 19 Video Lessons
  • The 25 Page Companion Workbook PDF
  • Access to The Survivor Fatigue Solution Members Only Community
  • One Month FREE Calm Subscription (Mindfulness App)  
  • 10 Exercise Plans
  • 8 Meal Plans
  • 5 Cookbooks
  • Lifetime Access to The Survivor Fatigue Solution - every future version of the program is yours - completely free.

Program Value: $ 697

You'll also get this Bonus Package:

Bonus 1 - How-To Guide: Using The Survivor Fatigue Solution Framework To Tackle All Your Health Goals PDF

Bonus 2 - Six Group Coaching Videos - benefit from these recorded live group coaching sessions!

Bonus Value: $ 394

Program + Bonus Value = $ 1091

Regular Price: $397

Summer Independent Study Price: Two Monthly Payments of $99

Why is the Independent Study price so much less than the regular price?

The Survivor Fatigue Solution Summer Independent Study Program is considered "independent study" because we recognize some cancer survivors want an independent experience at a lower price point.

The more expensive version of the program provides individualized support and coaching. While personalized attention is not part of the Summer Independent Study Program, many survivors prefer this more independent, self-paced approach.

That said, you'll have plenty of support from your peers and the course creator in the members-only community. The community provides reliable help and feedback on your progress.

 Take a tour!

Watch the video for a behind-the-scenes view of the enrollment process and the program website.

When will I see results?

Great question!

There are really two types of results cancer survivors get in The Survivor Fatigue Solution:

Result 1: The stuff you feel.

When you implement the Survivor Fatigue Solution framework, you'll notice:

  • more energy
  • calm, less anxiety
  • better sleep
  • weight loss
  • better focus and memory
  • improved pain

When you work through The Survivor Fatigue Solution, you'll feel better right away because you're immediately taking concrete steps toward your health goals. 

The average timeline to implement the framework is 4-6 weeks, spending a few hours per weeek. But you really control your trajectory of vitality and good health by your effort and commitment.

Survivors who take a gradual approach to implementation still benefit immediately because you can target your highest health priorities right out of the starting gate.

The fact is, The Survivor Fatigue Solution is a lifestyle framework that will serve your for a lifetime, so you'll see the results in the short term and will continue to see them for years and decades to come!

The second type of result of The Survivor Fatigue Solution framework is more abstract.

Result 2: The stuff you gain.

  • a sense of belonging to a group of peers who know where you've been and where you're going
  • feeling in control over your life and health
  • a better understanding of who you are after cancer and how you want your "new normal" to look
  • comfort and confidence knowing you're living the lifestyle proven to reduce your chance of cancer recurrence.

No, we're not kidding, and that's why we're so crazy about this program! 

The Survivor Fatigue Solution ensures you adopt the precise habits medical science tells us actually decrease your chance of cancer recurrence - PRICELESS!


Still undecided?

The Survivor Fatigue Solution is perfect for you if:

  • You’ve just finished your cancer treatment and want to get started right now on your vitality journey with a crystal clear, comprehensive, science-proven plan for real results. 
  • You’re a cancer survivor whose been struggling with fatigue and anxiety for a while. You’ve tried a few things to get healthy but the few steps forward you take are followed by ten steps back. You want to fix your fatigue, once and for all, with a reliable system and the support you need to get the lasting results you long for. 
  • You’re a cancer survivor who won’t settle for less in your life. You’re having a hard time finding your new normal because you don’t want normal - you want extraordinary - and you’ll stop at nothing to get it. 
  • You’re a cancer survivor who knows what hard work is and you’re willing to put it in (and more!) to get the vitality you dream of. You’ve got no problem putting your nose to the grindstone because you believe in the vitality you’ll achieve and what you’ll accomplish when you get there. 
  • You’re already investing at least few hours a week actively trying to achieve higher energy levels and better health. Only problem is, without a clear strategy that hits all the targets AND works for your life, you find yourself asking, “Why do I bother?” followed by the crippling sense you have no idea what to try next. 
  • You're a cancer survivor who needs results fast. You don't have much time to waste because you're busy with work and life. You need a well-researched, straight line to vitality and wellness without all the fluff or without having to take the time to figure it all out on your own.
  • You’re haunted by the worry your cancer will return and want to do everything in your power to prevent it from coming back. You're well aware nobody can see the future, but a wellness project with cancer prevention at it’s heart is just what you need to set your fears to rest. 
  • You’re aware of (and excited about!) what the key to vitality and the confidence you’re doing everything you can to stay well after cancer really means for your life. You can see the doors that will open for you and, even if you’ve been derailed by fatigue before, you’re feeling a newfound optimism and hope.  
  • You’re totally pumped about the Members Only Online Community because until now, you’ve been alone in this process with nowhere to turn. And because you’ve been alone, you’re excited that first thing in the program, you will have your Community Support Plan in place! 
  • You feel confident signing up because you know you’ll have a free trial to test the program out. In the first two days, you can cancel any time with no charge.  

If you said yes to at least five of the above, I can’t wait to see you in The Survivor Fatigue Solution!